Dois Rios

30 Jul
The first lookout point 2
View to the parrot mountain The most popular hike is to the top of the parrot mountain. It got its name by the way it looks – like a parrot (the little tip right of the big mountain peak). The ... Read more »

On the road again

28 Jul
Goodbye Rio… We are moving on from Rio de Janeiro city towards Ilha Grande (or direct translation: the Great Island). It is a rather big island around 150 km from Rio with great beaches, waterfalls, hiking, etc. All we know ... Read more »

High on Sugar…loaf

27 Jul
Copacabana beach view
Sugarloaf mountain Today was another sunny day with temperatures up to 30 degrees in the sun. We decided to take to the first mountain tops called the Sugarloaf mountain. The trip started with boarding a cable car. There could be ... Read more »

Last minute face lift

22 Jul
a wall in Santa Teresa
Maracana stadion Today, after consulting with a map, we took the shortcut towards the Maracana stadion. It was still quite some walking on very different sized streets. Maybe because the weekend was starting or for some whole other reason the ... Read more »