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Botanical garden and celebrities at Copacabana

Turtles in botanic garden
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Botanical garden

Today we woke up to a rather cloudy day. We decided that it is best to see the mountain tops on a sunny day. So, as the only other thing on the list, we went to see the botanical garden.

Although we are not big fans of plants, we did find lots of interesting things to watch and experience. And no, mosquitos weren’t on the list. Here are some pictures:

Turtles at Rio botanical garden

A view to foggy mountains

Monkeys on a tree

Palm tree tops

Palm tree alley

Palm trees in the sun


Vivian on a green background

A black bird

Vivian with a waterfall

We also found a very mysterious leaf. It was just moving, very very fast. There was no wind and the rest of the leaves were standing still. We also checked, there weren’t any small animals moving it either. Really freaky, but so cool to look at, it is hard to walk away.

A walk back to Copacabana

After a nice walk in the botanical garden with funky leaves and funny monkeys we decided to walk back to Copacabana area.

The walk took us around 2 hours, but we like to walk. 🙂 It is also during these walks that we have discovered or stumbled upon really cool places.

This is a view from the Lagoa lagoon. This is also the place where rowing and canoe sprint events take place during the Olympics.

Lagoa lake view

At the beach, next to the Olympic megastore, we saw a Brazilian football player that seemed to know what he was doing with the ball. Upon closer examination we found out that player was Ronaldinho. Surprisingly few people had noticed him or he is not really a sensation in Brazil. It was just him and his football.

Ronaldinho at Copacabana

Safety in Rio

I have written before that we haven’t got robbed yet and that there is police everywhere. It is all still very true. But it seems like there is more and more police every day. And there are differend forces. So far we have seen regular, military, municipal, federal, national police and the army. All fully armed and ready to fight. Not to mention the helicopters that are constantly flying over the city.

The following pictures are taken just walking along the Copacabana beac. All within a 10-15 min walk.

Rio police force

Rio police force 2

Rio police force 3







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