502nm Intro


My name is Vivian Voss and I created 502nm when I decided to move away from big consultancy companies to work on my own.
This lets me help companies and users with different sizes and requests, while at the same time also share my knowledge with the wider community through blogging, speaking and organizing community events within the Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform atmosphere.

What can I help with?

I am an independent consultant who can assist you with identifying and creating the optimal solutions for your requirements within the Dynamics 365 CE suite (with primary focus on Sales and Customer Insights) and Power Platform (with primary focus on Power Apps and Power Automate). I always try to find the best of both worlds and integrate it with various products from Microsoft 365 suite.

What have I helped with?

  • Implementing of Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Insights
  • User training
  • Extending Dynamics 365 systems with tools from the Power Platform
  • Consultation on business processes and which product best fits to support them.
  • Power Automate

Contact me

Latest posts

2023 -> The year of changes
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2023 -> The year of changes

As the final hours of 2023 are ticking by I am taking a few moments to take a breath and…
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