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Christ Redeemer and Olympics

Rio 2016 with full package
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Visiting the Christ Redeemer….

…. and forgetting to add a memory card to the camera. 🙂 Not a great start to the day.

We bought tickets and got a free transportation to and back from the statue. So far so good. The trip there was around 20 minutes and the driver did not know how to drive. I even got a bit car sick on the way.

We soon discovered that there was a huge benefit of taking the company we did. It was the only company that could drive up to the statue. And at the first lookout point we were joking that hahaa what if we now forgot the camera. 😀 And guess what, we didn’t, we just forgot to take the memory card….

That changed perspectives. 😀 As we didn’t have anything to take pictures with, we spent more time looking around and enjoying the great view of the city and surroundings. While diving through the masses of people and trying not to step on them. People were taking pictures in all kinds of poses: lying down, bending forward, bending backwards, etc.

We did find an official photo service there and as I insisted on having at least one photo memory, we had our picture taken.

Vivian and Stig at christ redeemer

We went jewelry shopping

As we are staying in a fancy hotel, we received an invitation to the H.Stern jewlery workshop. We received a free shuttle there and back. There was also a 10 minute tour about how they make their jewelry. After that we received a personal tour about different gemstones and where they can be found.

The second part of the tour we received in danish. The tour guide had been an exchange student in Aarhus more than 15 years ago. He spoke very good danish for a Brazilian living far from Denmark.

The final part of the tour was where we could touch and pick out the jewlery we liked the most. We ended up with 3 aquamarine rings. As he was really trying to sell them to us, we asked for the prices. They reached around 10.000 DKK or 1344 eur. Not something we could afford.

After we declined, he tried to sell us some pendants and earrings, but it was the ring or nothing. 😀 We went with nothing.

Olympic accreditation and uniform

We went back to the hotel, no jewlery this time, but we still had money to continue the vacation. 😀

Going online, I discovered that I was from now on able to pick up my accreditation and uniform. Wihiiii!! We took a taxi right away.

This time I was in the system and everything went really smoothly, here are some pictures from the trip.

Rio 2016 Accreditation

Rio 2016 Accreditation line

Happy Vivian with access pass

Uniform pickup

Uniform pickup Rio 2016

Vivian receiving uniform

Rio 2016 with full package

This is what the beige package contained:

Rio uniform pack

The city of Samba

The accreditation and uniform pick up was at the city of Samba. This is where all the carneval decorations and parade wagons are stored. There we also got some nice pictures:


Carneval statues



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