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End of vacation and goodbye Stig

Vivian's goodbye to sneakers
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Paraty to Rio

Wednesday was a big travel day from Paraty to Rio. We started our journey back to Rio at 12:00 and looked forward to the 6 hour van ride.

We bought a package trip from Easy Transfer ( Rio – Ilha Grande – Paraty – Rio) and just like that we did not have to worry about transportation anymore. Most of the places we were picked up from our hostel / hotel and also dropped off there where we were staying. Simple and comfortable. This whole trip costed us 240 reais per person – we thought it was reasonable 😀

Anyways we made it back to Rio in one piece and decided to celebrate Stigs last night in Brazil with a stay in Yoo2 hotel. It was a really modern hotel with a really green lobby 😀

From the rooftop bar we saw some amazing views to the Christ Redeemer and the Sugarloaf mountain.

View to the Christ Redeemer

View to the Sugarloaf mountain

We had dinner in their restaurant ( the dessert was amazing and Stigs dinner as well…I once again got a less amazing dinner with a kilo of salt 😀 ) and then spent the evening chilling and watching CNN 😀

Goodbye Stig

The morning started with a really nice breakfast and then repacking of our stuff. Stigs bag ended up containing 95% clothes that need washing 😀

I also had a sad moment. I said gooodbye to my loyal partners on this trip – my green sneakers. Their time had come 😀

Vivian's goodbye to sneakers

We dropped my things to the next hostel and my home for the next 2 weeks. It is a youth hostel called El Misti Rooms. I will be in a shared room with 8 other girls, going to be crowded and hopefully fun 😀

Our next stop was to the airport. Funnily our taxi drive to the airport was much cheaper than the trip to the city when we came…eventhough they were charging weekend prices.

The baggage drop took us over an hour of standing in a line 😀 They have a really funny system for check-in and baggage drop. Many different lines and no signs. In the end it actually seemed that the check-in line went much faster than the baggage drop one. Funny.

But everything went smooth for Stig and I sent him as far as i could. He has now boarded his plane to Madrid and will be back in Denmark tomorrow evening (friday evening)

goodbye Stig

End of vacation, time to work

I will have my last day of vacation tomorrow and will start my first shift on saturday 🙂 Can’t wait!



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