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#ESPC22 - Speaker Spotlight

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The European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference #ESPC22 has come up with a great initiative to highlight various speakers at their event this year. And I am really enjoying the fact that they are bringing experts in areas around Azure, Modern Workplace, Power Platform, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, etc. to the amazing Copenhagen in Denmark. After travelling a lot for different conferences recently, it will be great to have such a big event in my own backyard 😊

I will join forces with Sara Lagerquist and Guro Faller to bring you all the information on model-driven apps. The session is on Tuesday, 29.11.2022 at 10:15 in room T2. Full schedule is here.

Speaker Spotlight – Vivian Voss

But to the Speaker Spotlight. I got the possibility to answer 5 fun questions about me and the event. I love how conferences highlight the people they have presenting and making the whole experience exciting with new activities and fun tasks.

Please recommend one ESPC22 Session:

There are a lot of amazing sessions by great speakers, so choosing one is going to be a tricky one 😁. As we hear currently a lot about Viva and Teams and different new components or tools there, then my recommendation goes to Sara Fennah and her session: Harmonising Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Loop on Wednesday, 30.11.2022 in room W20.
Reasoning is simple, I would definitely want to attend it myself.

Can you briefly discuss a project you are most proud of?

This is a project that was the longest, the hardest and the most stressful period in my recent years, but we finished with a good outcome, so that makes me very proud of it 😁

It was a Dynamics 365 CRM project from on-premise to online. It was planned to take half a year, but in the end, we spent 2 years on it. And during the time there were a lot of learnings, but it is also long enough time for Microsoft to make a lot of changes and come up with new functionalities as well 😊 So we had to re-evaluate and rescope a few times, also the team changed multiple times, making it in the end also a great change management project.

We moved from a lot of custom coding to using standard tools and integrations, like SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft Teams.

I went into the project just knowing Dynamics 365 Sales but finished with knowledge about all the above-mentioned products.

What is your favourite film?

I think this changes every time I see another great movie 😁 But the movie(s) I can always see again and again is all the Harry Potter movies. I do have HP marathons every once in a while.
But I also enjoy different animated movies, so that is one of the perks having a 3-year-old son 😉

What is the best career or life advice you have received to date?

This is something my Bachelor project counselor told me, and it has stuck with me.

Life is not a popularity contest. You can’t please everybody.

This is a good reminder to have every once in a while. I manage to get myself involved in a lot of things and sometimes it can become too much. Then it is always good to remember, that it is not important to do everything, and it is impossible to make absolutely everyone happy. Make yourself happy!

Have you any tips on receiving a MVP status?

Keep doing what you are passionate about! If you are doing it to get the MVP, then it will be difficult for you to maintain it, as it becomes a chore. MVP status shouldn’t be a goal, but an award for doing what you are passionate about.
Find the area or areas that you are really into or curious about and then share your knowledge or your journey with others. It is very likely that if you run into a problem or a question that there will be others that do too. By sharing your experiences / learnings also help others. In that way, you are happy and other people are happy + you get recognized by other experts and in the end also awarded with MVP status, if that is what you wish 😊

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