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High on Sugar...loaf

Copacabana beach view
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Sugarloaf mountain

Today was another sunny day with temperatures up to 30 degrees in the sun. We decided to take to the first mountain tops called the Sugarloaf mountain.

The trip started with boarding a cable car. There could be max 65 people in that car and the trip started only after it had reached its max capacity. I am still pretty sure we were less people in the car. Although some parents and kids probably took double or triple the space. πŸ˜€

It isn’t possible to take one car to the complete top. You have a layover on a smaller mountain. That place has a few lookout points together with a chance to take a helicopter ride around the area. As it costed around 140 euros per person, we decided to leave it for another time. πŸ˜€

But we did get some nice pictures:

A view to Rio

A view to Rio 2

Urca beach

A weird fruit

Foggy mountains in Rio

A view to our destination. πŸ™‚

A view to the Sugarloaf

City view

Another city view

City view to Rio

There was an airport for national flights close by. We saw many different planes fly by very close. They were either prepairing for landing or taking off. πŸ™‚

A plane close up

We made it to the top

Sign at the Sugarloaf

Stig and Vivian on top of Sugarloaf

Stig and Vivian on top of Sugarloaf 2

We made it to the top. The selfies were taken on the first lookout point from the top. It took a while to manage to make a picture as this point was very popular.

Another very popular thing was writing your name on a large poster on the wall. It is clearly seeable that the middle has been most popular. We also left our names there, but we were a bit clever. I climbed on Stigs shoulders and that way we managed to reach an area that was less crowded. πŸ™‚

Name signing wall

Stig and Vivian on the name poster

The mountain top was also a host of amazing views that are hard to present through pictures with the camera we have, but here is our best tries πŸ˜€

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain 2

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain 3

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain 4

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain 5

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain 6

A view from the Sugarloaf mountain 6

We also found some cute local animals.

Lizard 1

Lizard 2

Monkey on top of Sugarloaf

On the way down we tried one of the local favorites: Acai bowl with bananas. It is made of Acai fruit and also called as superfood. The bowl was a nice substitute for ice cream, taking from the many brainfreezes I got. Also a perfect snack. It has a strange taste, but it is good and after a few spoons I had got used to it.

Acai bowl

Afternoon rejection

When we got down from the mountain it was early in the afternoon. We decided to take a taxi and pick up my accreditation and uniform for the Olympics.

The place we arrived at was at the harbour and was surrounded by a lot of construction work. We knew we were at the right spot by the amount of people walking around with bags meant for volunteer uniforms.

I entered the accreditation area and waited in line for a minute. Then I was directed to a table to take a picture and finalize the accreditation card. This is where things started to go wrong. She couldn’t find me in the system.

And then….

I was then directed to the help desk, because their volunteer database is better than what she had. Of course, no one in the help desk spoke English πŸ˜€

Luckily, we found a volunteer that could translate between me and the help desk woman to find me in their system. Funnily enough, it took her only a few moments. But there we also found the probem why the other woman could not find me.

I was (somehow) made a Brazilian citizen in the system. With a national identity code and everything. That didn’t match with other data and so, I was an error that no one bothered to look into until now.

We managed to fix the error and also find me in the other system. But, there came a final ‘but’ for the day. I, now, had to go through a mandatory background check (all volunteers have to) and that means I can first pick up my things after 72 hours.

So, that was that. No uniform and accreditation for me and we left there with empty hands this time. Now, lets hope my background is good enough for them. πŸ™‚

While I was inside getting rid of my Brazilian citizenship, Stig was outside taking pictures of the area and it’s “safe” building conditions.

Accreditation area Rio

Danish flag

Rio 2016

Safe building conditions

Safe building conditions 2

Brazilian evening

We ended this day with a walk along the Copacabana / Leme area. The winter Olympic 2018 hosts were in progress of setting up a stand.

Winter Olympics 2018 logo

And from a platform we also got a nice picture looking to the Copacabana beach.

Copacabana beach view

We couldn’t find any suitable dinner places in the area, so we decided to try something in the hotel. It was 50% success. Stigs first try on Brazilian cuisine was really good. He also took a picture of it. My dish was less successful and therefore didn’t even deserve a picture πŸ™‚

Stigs Brazilian dinner

It was called Brazilian minced meat. It had white rice, with some powder. 2 bananas surrounding a meat sauce and a poached egg on top. Very new and it was good. Eventhough, Stig does not like fruit with salty food. πŸ˜€

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