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Island that does not like us

View from the trail 2
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Night view from the hostel

Night view from Che Lagarto

First day on the island

We woke up to a breakfast at 8. It was good, mostly fruit and bread. They really like fruit and white bread here. No toppings, so bread went with butter and jam.

After food we had to pay for the rest of our stay. As our cards didn’t work here yesterday, we hoped they would today, but no. For some reason their card machine keeps claiming our cards are invalid. So we were left with 2 options: either we could transfer the money to them, or pay what we can in cash and take it from there.

I love Brazilian efficiency. It took the receptionist 2 hours to figure out form the manager that we can’t transfer the money. It is cash / other cards or check-out.

We paid everything we could in cash – it was enough for the next 2 nights (which meant that we were missing one night stay). We decided to postpone the last night accommodation searching and rather go out and see the island.

Our bad luck followed us there. We found a really cool crepe and acai place. They had really good food. We had also calculated that if they didn’t accept our cards, we have enough cash.

And… they didn’t accept our cards, which was fine as we had cash…. in the hostel 😀

So, Stig left me as deposit and went back to the hostel.

We finally got it paid and decided to get some water and go explore the waterfalls.

Our hike to the waterfalls

From the small map we had the trip to the waterfalls wasn’t too long. That’s why we didn’t really prepare. But, oh boy.

It was quite a hike  – all in all 3 hours mostly up the hill on the way there. But, there were some nice views and it was good training. 😀

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande 2

Natural pool

Natural pool 2

aqueduct - Ilha Grande

Local bamboo

View from the trail

View from the trail 2

There is a bird in the picture below – find it. 😉

Find the birdy

Waterfall - Ilha Grande

Waterfall - Ilha Grande 2

Our trail of the day

We managed to change our bookings for the last night and decided to leave the island a day earlier. That way we only have tomorrow left to explore. The plan is to find the ruins of the old maximum security prison 🙂 This should be a longer hike. Let’s hope for a good weather.


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