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On the boat again

A view from the boat
Table of Contents

Leaving Ilha Grande

Our boat back to the mainland left at 13:30 from the main pier. We had to check out by 11, so we left our bags at the hostel and took a last little walk in the village.

It was good to have a small recovery walk after yesterdays hike. Stig walked very funny the whole evening yesterday and also today talked about his sore legs. We concluded that it wasn’t the length nor the up and down hill walking that gave sore legs, more the terrain of loose rocks. As you had to keep balance all the time not to fall.

When we got back to the hostel the electricity had gone out. From the reception we heard that the whole island was affected by this power outage. Funny enough…we didn’t even notice the change. Ok, maybe a bit, as the almost non existant internet disappeared completely. 😀

Around 12.30 we picked up our bags and started to walk towards the main pier. (About 500 m from the hostel). Before boarding the boat we had a nice bowl of Acai and also some coconut bread. That was nice lunch.

Here are some pictures from the boat trip.

Stig enjoying the sun

View from the pier

Enjoying sun and the view

People on the boat

Brazilian flag

A view from the boat

The boat trip was not very stable. 😀 There was a lot of waves which we were conquering. At some point, we were all told to move to the other side of the boat, for balance maybe. At this point the waves had gotten pretty rough. Some of the people moved to the lower deck at this point. But it all ended well. 🙂

Here’s a little video of our waves.

Trip to Paraty

Our next stop is a small city called Paraty. When we got to the mainland, we took a 2 hour bus trip to reach the city and then to find our hostel.

We were really happy to see that there was a big supermarket next to our hostel, as we were hungry and needed dinner. But we were also cautious from Ilha Grande. Not every place likes our credit cards. The same with this supermarket. Maybe we should call the bank and ask what’s up. 😀

Luckily, there was an  ATM next to the cashiers and we were able to take money out. So we were lucky enough to buy bread, cheese, ham, cream cheese, yoghurt and coconut water for dinner 😀 Seems like there is enough also for tomorrow night. Breakfast is included in the hostel room price.


We have now both made acquaintance with mosquitos. Last night there was one taunting us and we have also killed a few here in the hostel. We do have mosquito repellent, so finally we can start using that. 🙂

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