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Day 6 - Beach volleyball

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From now on my schedule will be a bit different from what is was before. (08 – 17) It is because the games are reaching the final status and there aren’t that many games left. 🙂

Today, I started at 9, which was really good as we had the medal party last night. And now I can also have the hostel breakfast instead of buying extra. 😀 Win!

I had the pleasure of walking along the Copacabana beach in rain. Now I really realized how uneven the pavement there is 😀 ….after stepping into several puddles and feeling the oceans in my shoes.

There is a rain coat in the volunteer kit, it is good and covers everything but the feet. And they were really getting wet.

I arrived at the venue and was ready to let my feet dry. It turned out that I was smarter than some people. They thought that the volunteer jacket is waterproof and just wore that one. They arrived completely soaked. 😀

As it was raining, we didn’t open up the tables but did throw the water out. 😀 Then we had our feet wet again. 😀 Amazing how durable technology actually is. 😀 The monitors we have on the tables have survived melting, rain and hard winds and they are still working. 😀

Also the powerplugs had a shower.. and there were journalists that refused to use them, afraid of getting shocked. The technicians came by and told them that the plugs work fine.. they should just use them, even if there comes water out of them. 😀 Welcome to Brazil! 😀

A few hours later the sun came out and so did the journalists. At the Germany vs Brazil womens game there was an overflow of volunteers and spectators, also journalists. It was also an important game – it decided who will go on to quarter finals.

The games today

Today, I got to see the games at a closer point than usual. Still at the press tribunes but just the lower ones. They are right behind the Olympic family seats and very close to the field.

Brazil vs China women (Brazil won 2:0) – The first game of the day. Brazil was clearly better.

brazil vs china women

brazil vs china women 2

Russia vs Qatar men (Russia won 2:0) – Eventhough the result was the same, game was much better. Qatar really fought hard for the points, Russia was just a bit better and won the game.

Russia vs Qatar men

Russia vs Qatar men 2

Russia vs Qatar men 3

Russia vs Qatar men 4

Russia vs Qatar men 5

Russia vs Qatar men 6

Austria vs Cuba men (Cuba won 2:0) – Another exciting game. The crowd clearly cheered for Cuba but there were also some Austrian fans in the crowd.

Austria vs Cuba men

Austria vs Cuba men 2

Austria vs Cuba men 3

Brazil vs Germany women (Brazil won 2:0) – A game that filled the tribunes with volunteers, journalists and spectators. Very exciting and brutal game. The Brazilians really brought their A-game today and got a certain win. Although, Germans didn’t give it up very easily.. there was always only just a few points in between.

Germany vs Brazil women

Germany vs Brazil women 2

After the game and while talking to the press the German girls were really emotional. It is understandable as they had just lost a place in the quarter finals.

Some moments from today

The Olympic mascot

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