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3 min read

Last day in Rio de Janeiro

The reason that my last post didn’t have any pictures is revealed in this post. 😀 Morning The party ended…
the Olympic Park 10
4 min read

Handball and the Olympic park

As a thank you for doing a great job we got free tickets, I got a ticket to the quarter…
Amazing weather 2
4 min read

Day 9 - Beach volleyball

Semi finals Today is the day of semi finals. The 2 first finalists were decided in the first games today.…
4 min read

Trio to Rio

Today is my day off but I still woke up early. This was because today was the big marathon day.…
the painters book
4 min read

Day 7 - Beach volleyball

Morning It wasn’t raining today. Whooohoo! I have a day off tomorrow and then 4 days left, so I…
3 min read

Day 6 - Beach volleyball

Morning From now on my schedule will be a bit different from what is was before. (08 – 17) It is…
Estonian volunteers
3 min read

Estonian medal party

Estonian medal party Yesterday at 20:00 was the official medal party for Estonian rowers. They opened Estonia’s medal…
volunteers playing beach volley
3 min read

Day 5 - Beach volleyball

Morning Today, I took my usual walk, but it turned out to be more exciting than usual. While I was…
Ship with Olympic rings
4 min read

Day 4 - Beach volleyball

Today was the first day when it was raining the whole day. Not hard, but enough for it to be…
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