Estonian medal party

12 Aug

Estonian medal party

Yesterday at 20:00 was the official medal party for Estonian rowers. They opened Estonia’s medal score with a bronze in rowing (4 men team).

We were about 30 – 50 people, so we kinda took over the whole pub, which freaked out the manager. He did not expect anything like that. They also had a huge line outside of people that were waiting for a table, but they did not get one. 😀

The party was hosted by the Estonian Olympic Committee and almost all officials, media, volunteers and some athletes were there.

It was a blast. Only one problem…. I forgot to add a memory card to my camera. Oh I got mad. This was a really bad moment to not have a useful camera. Oh well… I have to live with just my memories and autographs of the medalists.

As people were ordering drinks and moving around to different tables the waiters were really confused and panicked about how the bills should be in the end. Also when people asked for a bill for what they ordered, they got a bill for the whole table (or as we pushed the tables together.. a bill for 4 tables).

The Estonian Olympic Committee was kind enough to pay for the drinks and food of the volunteers, so thank you!

Athletes entered the stage

About an hour after we all had arrived, our bronze medalists arrived. We greeted them with a huge applause, singing, speeches and gifts. Then everyone had the chance to make pictures with them and get a closer look at the medals.

In the dimmed light in there, the medal looked golden. 😀

the bronze medal

Then, I also took a chance to ask for autographs.. as Vivian forgot her memory card. 😀

Last part of the evening

All volunteers that were there had a photo shoot of their own. It is so amazing how many we actually are here in Rio. And divided between many different venues: horseback riding, beach volley, tennis, gymnastics, swimming.

Estonian volunteers

Estonian volunteers 2

It is cool to hear others experience and what they have been up to. Also talked to a volunteer guy that got robbed.

He had just finshed his shift at the Olympic arena and was waiting for a bus. All of a sudden a motorcycle stopped in front of him and the guy sitting on the back got off. He took a gun out and started waving it while telling Margus to give him his bag. When they got that they got greedy. He also told Margus to empty his pockets and give him his shoes. But as he was emptying the pockets his phone fell to the ground and the screen broke. They didn’t want it anymore.

At this moment the driver called to the other guy and they drove off. Probably it was taking too long. 😀 So they only got his bag with things that can easily be replaced. (accreditation, keys to his apartment)

He is doing fine now and glad that they just got his bag. 🙂

Around midnight people started slowly leaving. But as Allar Levandi had his last night in Rio, he was not ready to go home. He ordered tequila shots to his table. 😀

We were not missing drinks either. Somehow every time a beer jug was emptied, another one arrived. 😀 The last beer we had to share around the table.. because no one actually ordered it. 😀

At 00:30, the last of the volunteers left. 🙂 (Me with taxi, everyone else with Uber).

It was an amazing night filled with amazing people and emotions.

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