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Paraty - a nice little town

Paraty old town 3
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Paraty town

Today we decided to take a walk around the new town, Paraty, to see what we can find here. Our hostel is about 20 minutes from the old town, so fairly in the center. If there actually is a center…everything kinda looks the same here.

There is a main street with different kinds of shops and establishments. We have figured out that they are huge fans of garage- shops. They have for example hardware stores just in a garage like opening or just a regular food store.

The first actual supermarket we found here in Paraty. In Rio, we only saw small corner shops. Here the shop resembles more like the ones in Europe.

The old town

Most interesting part of the town is the old town. It has white stone buildings with very colourful windows and doors. It also seems like some of the streets get flooded when the tide is high.

Paraty old town

Paraty old town 2

Paraty old town 3

Paraty old town 4

Paraty old town 5

Paraty old town 6

On the streets we also saw a lot of different sized crabs. They live in the more wet areas and move really fast, probably how people have not stepped on them.

Crabs on the street

Crabs on the street 2

It is a really nice harbour city with most of the ships only working for tourists. Around the pier there are really many boats that you can rent for private tours. They are all really brightly coloured and have different marks of differentiation: some have hearts everywhere, some are rated 5 stars, others just go for loud music and pink colour. 😀

Paraty pier

view from the pier

view from the pier 2

In the old town, there is a possibility to take a ride on a horse carriage. Those were everywhere. It also seemed like some people actually use horse carriages rather than any other mean of transportation. This also means that there are a lot of horse droppings on various streets. 😀 Looks kinda like a mine field.

Horse carriage Paraty

Another thing we have realised is their love towards VW Beatles. They are everywhere. Some look very rusty and probably just has a visual point but people are also driving them. They look really cool. 😀

We managed to walk through the old town and sights in the neighbouring areas in one day. Therefore, we decided to book a Jeep tour for tomorrow. It will hopefully take us to different sights just outside the city (waterfalls and also some sugarcane distillerys). Going to be exciting. 😀

Paraty city

Paraty city 2

Paraty city 3

Paraty city 4

Paraty city 5

Paraty city 6

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