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Part 2 Dataverse, Metaverse...What's to come for D365 from MS Ignite 2021

Customer paper plane
Customer paper plane
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Customer Experience Platform

One of the things that was announced at the Ignite 2021 conference, is the new “Customer Experience Platform”.

This is a combination of new and existing features to give you a better understanding of your customers, create better customer experience and understand which content to send out to whom.

The Customer Experience Platform is not a new Dynamics 365 application, but more like various use cases that combine multiple Microsoft products in order to give the best customer experience for everyone. The products involved with these processes and use cases are:

Dynamics 365:

These 3 Dynamics 365 applications will help you to channel the right segments through continuously enriching the data you have in your system to provide a better experience for your customers. You can use D365 Customer Insights that analyses and predicts data based on the input from your various platforms such as D365 Commerce. You can then export the results to your D365 Marketing module to better and faster reach your customers through the new Real-time Marketing functionality.

For example if your potential customer drops off in the middle of a buying process. This information gets gathered and sent to D365 Marketing, where a customer journey is triggered to notify the customer that their shopping cart will be saved when they wish to return. Or with any other message you have pre-defined.

Azure data services:

Besides the 3 Dynamics 365 applications, Microsoft is also adding the abilities of Azure to the mix. Azure Synapse Analytics is an in depth data analytics tool. Microsoft even says the following:

“Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics.”


Next to that there is Azure Purview. Makes me somehow think of cats every time i hear the name 😀 But actually it is a tool that takes all the data you have gathered from the various in depth analytics and creates a map of your data ladscape which enables consumers to find exactly the data that is most valuable for them.

These tools are meant to take your data analytics and assessment capabilities to a whole new level. 😀


And last but definitely not least there are 3 products that help your marketing efforts. Microsoft Advertising is a platform to get your name out there. Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and multichannel campaigns (not available everywhere at the moment). You can manage your ad campaigns and social media accounts all from one place.
Microsoft PromoteIQ is an automated product marketing automation tool to help you get your product visible in the right places.
And Microsoft Clarity is a free tool from MS that helps you analyze what people are doing on your webpages, online shops by using heatmaps, session recordings, various insights and integration with Google Analytics.

So, many great tools to take your customer experience to a whole new level. You get tools to gather intel about your customers, analyze the data you have gathered in great depth and then take the information and use it for better campaigns and ad placement for where it makes sense.

Microsofts new Customer Experience Platform is a huge area and a lot of information to take in at once, but it is definitely worth the effort 🙂

I will also look more into the various tools mentioned here, to be able to give you better tips and tricks on how to use all these tools to bring more value to you and your customers!

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