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New series - D365 Marketing tips

Maze to the heart
Maze to the heart
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In: Dynamics 365 Marketing

Hi and welcome! This will be my first series of blog posts related to D365 Marketing. So let me brake this up for you:


As a technical consultant I constantly run into small challenges that I don’t know how to solve. My first help is ofcourse Google and see if someone else has seen that issue before. Most of the times it works and I am quickly able to solve my issue. But that is not always the case. Sometimes it takes both research, trial/error and also MS Support to try and figure some quirks out.

I started to think that if I haven’t found any material on this issue, then maybe someone else is facing the same issue and also looking for a solution.

Therefore I decided to start writing down the issues / quirks I find and also the solutions to them. This way I have an archive to remember things and someone else can hopefully also save a lot of trouble trying to find the same answers


The format is pretty simple and straight forward. The post will start with an intro to the problem/quirk. There will be pictures/videos when applicable.

Continuing on with the way I found the solution or figured out a workaround.

In a way quick and dirty 😀


There will be new material atleast once a week 😉

Looking forward to showing you all what I have found 🙂


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