Tip #17 No Outbound anymore for new installs

30 Aug

As we are all waiting in suspense what will happen on 01.09.23 with the recent announcements, it seems like things are happening already before that time.


Since last week all new customers and trials have come without the outbound area. All new installations have only had real-time, event planning, settings and training area.

The only way to turn on the outbound functionality is only possible through a support ticket for new installations. There is no way to do it yourself in the App. On the bright side, the name hasn’t changed yet and is till called Marketing.

As an existing customer, even with the most recent version of the App, the outbound area is still there, but changes have already happened here as well in the settings area:

The idea is that from September all existing customers will have the possibility to turn on the outbound functionality from the Settings -> Versions area. And it is already prepared for that:

D365 Marketing settings page

Can’t wait to see what happens in just 2 days 😉

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