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Tip #16 What happened to posting to Twitter?

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A quick note or tip, bringing this blog series back to life again 😁

As many of you have noticed, there are a lot of things happening with and around Twitter (or X), but that seems to also have started to affect various Dynamics 365 applications (everything that has a connection to Twitter) and automation in general.


I have many automations set up in Power Automate and also using social posting in Dynamics 365 Marketing, but recently everything has started to fail. In Marketing, it is not even possible to create a new Twitter connection anymore, as the configuration just gives you a “HTTP Error 404 – Not Found.”

All the previously set up configurations will also turn inactive once you try to reauthorize. And all posts that you have scheduled to Twitter, will fail.

As long as your Twitter configuration is still active, you are able to schedule posts without any errors or warnings. They will all just fail once they should execute.

What’s next…

Microsoft is working on trying to find a fix to it for the Dynamics 365 applications, but there is no solution yet. Crossing my fingers and will keep updating, once there are news.

For all other automations regarding Power Platform, there are also changes and most recently from June 2023, where the Twitter connector only supports one authentication type – Bring your own application and requires a paid Enterprise tier application. But as turbulent as things are at Twitter (X), things will likely keep changing.

But as I dig deeper, it seems like the issue is more wide spread than just Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. I am hearing from other people that various other social media scheduling services are having issues with Twitter (X) currently as well, so things are not looking good with scheduling your Tweets at the moment 😢.

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