Customer Insight - Journey

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Figure of a person on blue background - Accessibility icon
4 min read

Tip #13 Are your emails accessible?

Why? What is accessibility? Accessibility can mean many things. The definition is also very different when we talk about accessing…
Quota limits2
3 min read

Tip #11 Quotas are back!

Why? Quotas were there, then they disappeared and now they are back again. In the past 6 months it has…
real-time clock
4 min read

Tip #10 One app but two functions?

Why? Double digits!! I have officially reached double digits on the D365 Marketing tips series. That is so cool 😀  I…
Go button
3 min read

Tip #3 "Go Live" button missing?

Why? Using Dynamics 365 Sales we have got very used to the flexibility and possibilities of making the system yours.…
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