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Tip #11 Quotas are back!

Quota limits2
Quota limits2
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Quotas were there, then they disappeared and now they are back again. In the past 6 months it has not been possible to keep track of your quoting in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

The reason was that Microsoft has been updating the solution and adding more functionality to the area.

Now it is back again and it seems that now you have 2 areas to see the statistics of your system. You have the Quota limits and Usage limits areas right under each other in the Settings sitemap.

Usage limits are at the moment only showing the usage of Segments, but it might be that it gets upgraded with more data in the future.

Usage limits

But quota limits is a whole other story. This area has undergone major changes and is definitely more insightful than it was before.


You find the Quotas area under Settings in Dynamics 365 Marketing. When presented with the Settings menu, you can quickly locate Quotas in the top of the Sitemap under Overview section as the 3rd heading under Versions.

Quota limits

When clicking on the name, you are presented with a new page.

From the Quotas area, you are now able to see your usage on a graph and also a in comparison to what you have purchased.

It gives a quick overview of the usage in the following areas:

  • Monthly Interaction quota
    • Emails – Marketing emails you have sent out in the last month
    • Text messages – the text messages you have sent out for the last month
    • Push Notifications – amount of push notifications triggered in the last month
    • Other Orgs – sum of all interaction data across all marketing apps in your tenant
  • Marketing contacts
    • Contact – the number of contacts you are communicating with
    • Account – the number of accounts you are sending information to
    • Leads – the number of leads you are sending marketing material to
    • Customer Insight profiles – number of contacts that you market to connected through Customer Insights Profile
    • Other orgs – sum of all marketing contacts across all marketing apps in your tenant.
  • Graph of Monthly interaction usage
  • Graph of Annual total contact usage
Quota limits overview

Most of them are self explanatory with showing data from Outbound and Real-time marketing areas + Customer Insights if you have connected to it.

But the area “Other orgs” has confused a lot of people, including me. There isn’t any material on this either on MS Documentation site, so I reached out to a person I knew, would have the answer – Jesper Osgaard. Jesper is a senior technical specialist in Microsoft in Denmark and surely enough, he had the answers 😀

He also admitted that there have been many people asking about this exact thing and he even published a blog post about it, to explain this in details.

But short and sweet, the “Other orgs” area represents consumption of marketing data combined for all the Marketing apps you have for your company. As licensing for Marketing is on the tenant level, you have the possibility to share the ressources (marketing contacts) between all your marketing apps within the same tenant.

Now it is possible for you to quickly see how close you are to reaching your quota limits within your tenant, without having to manually look them up within each app.

What’s more to come?

The quotas area is now available for everyone, but it is still in construction. This means that Microsoft is still working on releasing full functionality for this area. For example we are at the moment missing the Litmus inbox previews and Customer Voice information. Hopefully they will also come soon. 🙂

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